Monday, December 6, 2010

Selfie...And other odd words that go with contests.

These are my selfies.

(The one above is going to IHeartFaces: Self Portrait)

(If you've noticed, I've numbered them, please vote on the poll on the sidebar, which one should be my profile picture.)

These are shinies (lights).
Both of those go to A Very Merry Christmas Link Up!

Sereina Charise Photography: Very Merry Christmas Link Up

This is (my) Aunty.

This picture makes me feel warm. The strap of her bathing suit (her hair covering up the other). The warm colors. So I a entering it into warmth photography contest, over at Clicked and Captured Photography.

Hope you like them!


I Didn't Blink: Weekly Photography Contest ENDS Thursday!
Go on over and enter! CLICK HERE


Grace said...

i'll vote for #1. and i love that last picture!

Ashley Sisk said...

Love your selfies - you're so cute!

Sereina said...

I love your bokeh Christmas light picture. Thanks for linking up!

lsquare said...

I like your expression---kind of mischievous and fun...

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