My Story

I haven't really ever told many people how photography became a part of me. I've just told them, "Yeah I like photography".

It all started on Christmas (2007 I think..). I had just received my first camera. No memory card, runs on one battery and doesn't even have a display screen...But I didn't care one bit. I ran around snapping away and to my dismay when the battery runs out all my pictures are gone. I eventually realized that maybe this wasn't such a great camera. When it finally broke I decided to go camera-less. I guess I wasn't all that into it so I didn't care that I might not have been able to take pictures for a very, very long while.

Christmas 2009 I received another camera, much better than the last. It had a display screen, memory card and ran when you charged it. It could take "okay" macro and no telephoto at all. I didn't care otherwise. Just like before I clutched the camera in my hands and ran around taking random-quite out of focus-photos. My mom gave me a few pointers, but as a nine year old I didn't really listen. When I was surfing the 'net I came across IHeartFaces. I was amazed. This inspired me yet discouraged me because I couldn't get the right results.

When we were in California, I couldn't find my camera, anywhere. So my mom offered to let me use hers. I was in love. My un-focused, under-exposed pictures amazed me. I kept using it almost everyday. Now it's practically the only camera I use. I have improved so much since my first time using my mom's DSLR. I even shoot in manual. I have not only improved, but still improving with every snap. I don't care how good my results turn out now. All I care is that I'm having fun.



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