Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lunar Eclipse! **Pictures!**

Where do I begin, there is a million sentences that I could begin this post like, "Oh my goodness, it was freezing." "I am so tired" "The Lunar Eclipse was magical"...Yes, there we go, the Lunar Eclipse was magical, and I have pictures to prove it.
 Yes they all are a bit fuzzy, even though we have a telephoto..:(

I think it looks better without crop..
Don't you?
Here are a few more without the cropping or watermarking done.
 Psst...Gonna burst in here real quick, entering this one into Sweet Shot Tuesday!
Sweet Shot Day

Did you stay up late to see it?


Ashley Sisk said...

That is too cool!

Rachel Hipps said...

We saw this too! It was sooo cool when it turned orange!!

Katie said...

That is so neat!! I didn't stay up to watch it. :( Maybe I'll catch the next one...in 4 years.

Emily said...

awesome pictures!! wow! I was wondering, how did you make the slideshow at the top of your blog??

Lisa said...

Cool shots. I wish I would have stayed up to see the eclipse!

Anonymous said...

*UGH* I really wanted to, but didn't!! :(

Leigh said...

Amazing pictures!!!


Life with Kaishon said...

Unbelievable. I love these shots. Just gorgeous. Way to brave the cold Iona! Very, very nice!

Mrs. H said...

Way to stay up & out to catch it! I wanted to but couldn't make myself set the alarm for 2am & it was pretty cloudy... :( Great captures - the further back ones definitely look good - the sky is so expansive!

Mackenzie said...

Wow! Great shots! The clouds covered the moon here so we couldn't see it.

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