Sunday, December 5, 2010

I Didn't Blink Photography Contest {Week 8}

Note: if you participated in last weeks competition, I suggest you read the winners, if you did not, you may skip down to the part where I announce the subject of week 8.

Today, I am going to start with the winners of last week, because I haven't announced them yet. So last week, the subject was, "My Favorite Thing About December".

It was SO hard to decide, I mean, so hard, that It took me a while. But third place ends up going to.......

Captivus Living!
Her daughters birthday is in this month, plus Christmas. This has bokeh, a comfortable, yet tired little girl on the couch, making this picture get third.

I Didn't Blink

Second place goes to........

This photo was not only beautiful, with bokeh. But this is a really hard picture to get. The tinsel bursting in all directions really yells, "DECEMBER!" or "CHRISTMAS!"

I Didn't Blink
And the first place winner...goes to...

The Huchette Crew!
The bright colors, the shiny ornaments, all the way down to the temperature of the picture, made this picture win first place. This is The Huchette Crew's second time winning first place with their pictures.

I Didn't Blink

Now, onto week 8. To sum it up, what this is, it is a weekly photography contest created by me. Where you have a chance to improve in your skills of photography. And you get to share pictures of when you "DIDN'T BLINK" If you are newer here, I would advise you read the rules for further instruction please CLICK HERE.

This weeks subject is.....


I have been looking everywhere for decorations that are picture worthy. Well this week we went to the dollar store, and my brothers and I bought each other small gifts (obviously whoever was not picking at the moment couldn't look) We took turns wrapping and now their are presents under the tree. Some had to be put in boxes because they were too "odd shaped" to be wrapped. So I picked on and captured it with bokeh in the background.
Even thought it's not technically decoration, I think it looks like it.

Show me what you have at your house for decoration. This round you can enter more than one picture. Please only link up once, put all your pictures in one post, and for the thumbnail, put your favorite (< that only applies if you are entering more than one) I will judge top ten, and no one will get awards. This a special week where most people are getting out their decor. You may get two of your pictures in top ten!

SPREAD THE NEWS when you post! Please take a button below, if you don't, I'm afraid you're disqualified.
I Didn't Blink

I Didn't Blink

Deadline is Friday! If you have the moment, after you enter your picture, please blog hop a bit.

If you have any questions please CLICK HERE.

Happy Photograph-ing!


Huchette Crew said...

THanks so much! I was so excited again for my 2nd win. They all were great. I love everyones pictures.

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

Christmas decorations are so much fun! (So is the bokeh.)

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