Saturday, November 27, 2010

I Didn't Blink: {Week 6} Winners!

Sorry for the long delay of the winners, this week.

I am really upset to say that Chazak's entry picture, would not show up on her blog. :( So I had to disqualify her. The other three entries were really good! Well, today I am going to start with third place instead of first, I thought it might make more suspense.

So third place is.......

All the fluffy clouds made this picture really amazing, and the blue on the top added the little bit of bright color that the picture needed.

Grab your button!

3rd Place Winner
Great job!

And the second place goes to.....

Random Geeks!
The first thing that caught my eye, was the sun-flare. Sun-flare get's the every time. The silhouetted tree, all the way down to the beautiful, lightly colored sky, is what made this picture, get second place.

Grab your button!
2nd Place Winner
Nicely done!

Which makes the first place winner...

Rachel Shoots!
Why was this my favorite picture? Oh, so many reasons. The orange sun peeking through the blue tinted clouds, just the way she captured it, brought it all together.

Grab your button!
1st Place Winner
Wonderful picture!
(I had to crop it a bit for your button.)

Thank you all for entering this week, I hope you all enter tomorrows!
Have a great night.



Grace said...

oh, those are all so great!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking the time to host these contests and thanks for the kind comments about my shot. You made me smile :)

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