Monday, September 6, 2010

Observe: A Post By Hannah

Sorry for no post in a while....:( I've been on sleepovers and stuff...DONT WORRY! After this Guest Blogger I WILL post a real post :)
This is a post by Hannah..All pictures belong TO HANNAH.

Observation: taking time to notice things instead of just passing by.
Realizing that beauty can be found everywhere you look.

         What has that got to do with photography? Well, you know
that one of the things you need to do in photography is to find things
to photograph. And how you find those things is - yep, you guessed it!
- by observing.

For instance, you may observe...

...that boats are very picturesque...

...that kids are superb artists...

...that every single leaf is different...

...that when you throw four frisbees at the same time it ends up looking
really epic :)...

...that one of the most beautiful things ever happens every single day...

There is so many things to photograph...all you need to do is observe.


1 comment:

Hannah said...

Oh, lovely post, Hannah! I especially like the first and last shots.

I completely understand:) I love your guest-blogger idea!


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