Friday, September 3, 2010

Guest Blogger/Photographer!

One of God's little princesses
I interviewed my friend ImaVirginia. She loves photography.
What is your name?  Ima Virginia
How old are you? 11
How long have you been interested in photography? About 2 years,
I always wanted to take pictures with the camera when I was little though
Show us some of your best photography.

Do you have any tips for our fellow photographers on taking pictures?
While taking pictures with sunshine don't use flash,
I usually don't use flash at all
Well thank you Ima Virginia! I love the balloons one!
If you would like to be guest blogger please contact me by the question page and we'll sort it out there! :)


Hannah said...

Lovely - I like the balloon one, too! If you'd like, Iona, I'd be happy to guest blog here for you. Just let me know, or e-mail me, okay?


Bree said...

Lovely photos, Iona!
Just one question: You commented, saying that you follow my blog, but you aren't following. My dashboard says "ten followers", and that is exactly how many I had before. I even checked my actual blog.

I don't mind if you don't follow me, I am just very curious what happened. I don't think you would lie--you just might have made a mistake, like we all do. :)


Bree said...

Thanks so much for following! And about you mistake, I have done that very thing quite a few times. :)


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