Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bad bad news...

You're probably wondering where I've been. Why haven't I been posting. Well my picture space is full on blogger. I'm so sad about it. I need a place to upload pictures! I cant have a picasa. Flickr and Photobucket i'm too young to be on. Tinypic takes WAY too long. Any suggestions? I really need your guys' help.



stephanie said...

Are you too young to be on Flickr because your parent say so, because I'm pretty sure there's not an age minimum for it - I just checked around and didn't find anything. I could be wrong, though.

grace said...

sorry about that! this has never happened to me but i would reccomend deleting some posts? i'm not sure if that will help or not... and for the future, if you resize your pictures it makes the file smaller and then it doesn't take up as much space.

hannah m said...

I had a friend who ran out of space for photos on blogger, but then I believe she was able to pay about five dollars for a lot more. Was that option given to you? Don't quote me on this, I could be wrong. Unless your parents say so, there's not a minimum age for flickr to my knowledge. I cannot recommend it enough! :-)

Have you heard of Imgur? It's a simple, free photo-sharing site. One problem I've seen though, is that on certain servers your pictures aren't visible (so, some readers may not be able to see them). But it's still an option.

@grace--nooo, don't delete any posts! They're a part of who you are, Iona.

Good luck!

---hannah m

Hannah said...

Oh dear, I hope something works out!

I agree with Hannah M - don't delete your posts!

Berryanne said...

You could resize your pics and you'd have more space.

Sereina said...

I host my photos on Photobucket. I resize the photos for my blog to the exact size I want them in my posts, so the file size is smaller.

Thanks for the comment, Iona! I was shooting with a 50mm f/18 lens. I love that lens and almost all my photos are taken with it.

Katelyn said...

Umm, wow, that limits like all the hosting accounts I know of!! Well, I can't help you. One thing though, some people {like me} can't see photos from flikr. Just a thing you'll want to consider

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