Monday, April 25, 2011

100 Photos...

I want to try to do Project 365 again, really badly. However, last time I couldn't do it. Partially because I was upset that I wasn't having any normal posts. The other half, most of the time I didn't have fun taking the photo. Here is the conclusion that I came to. On May 1st, I will start by heading to 100 photos, if I make it that far, then I will do another hundred, and so on. Do you think this is a good plan? I am also going to make a Project 365/100 blog. Once I post the link, I would love it if you followed, considering I will have to start from 0 followers. I hope if you do follow, you still read this blog.
**Sorry for the slight blurriness of this photo**

I bid thee farewell. (I am in the kind of mood to talk old fashioned.

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Em said...

I love the brightness of the leaves! And your idea is great! Good luck!!

Natalie said...

Absolutely a great idea! I am doing the 365 project as well and am somewhere around day 115ish. I was a lot farther than last yr when I only made it to day 25 but the key is don't be too hard on yourself if you miss like one day here and there :) Love your shot, and thanks for stoppin by my blog!

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