Monday, December 19, 2011

Paris: Tre Cool {A Guest Post By Ellie}

Hey everyone!
My name is Ellie and today I shall be posting on the ever-lovely Iona's blog.
As requested, I will be telling y'all about the trip I took this last month to Paris, France.

Where do I begin?
We took the 9 hour flight to Paris on November the eighteenth.
We stayed in our friends' apartment that was just steps away from the Tour Eiffel. {That's 'Eiffel Tower' for those of you who can't speak French as well as I can. XD}

With my father and brother being both fluent in the language we didn't have a hard time getting around. And we fit in with the locals, too.
Instead of renting a car, we took the subway, and walked a lot. The walking made up for the pounds of macaroons we ate that week. ;)

All the other food was great as well. How could it not be?!

On the days that we weren't gouging ourselves with amazing food, we were having fun walking around all the touristy sights like Versailles, and, the Louvre. 

I have to say that the architecture on the outside was almost as beautiful as the art on the inside.
Though every piece of work was so truly inspiring. 

These two paintings from Versailles were my favorite. I'm not sure who this first one is by, but the second is by one of my all time favorite artists-
Claude Monet

Besides the incredible food and architecture, the shopping was obviously heavenly.

We shopped at the Galleries de Laffayette and the Monoprix and H&M
{That's right, we shopped at an American brand in Paris!}
We also shopped at the Marche aux Puce, which literally translates to "Market of Fleas". 

They had the coolest, most kitschy stuff there.
There were so many cool things that we actually had to purchase a suitcase there to hold all of our stuff.

I bought enough mini Eiffel Tower replicas and vintage Parisian postcards to last a lifetime. 

The other part of the market was filled with antique furniture, trinkets, and surprisingly, dogs in armchairs.

Vintage camera love! 

{Wasn't joking! And I love how he doesn't even look out of place.}

I know this post is overloaded with photos, but I had so much to show you!

I hope you enjoyed viewing France through my camera lens, and if you'd like to see more, please feel free to stop by my own blog-

                                                              I would be forever grateful! 

Thank you all for reading, and an especially ginormous thank you to Iona who allowed me to post! 



Eisley Jacobs said...

What a great post! Great job Ellie!

Hannah E. said...

I loved this post, Ellie!


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