Thursday, December 1, 2011

Memories from Summer

We saw lots of people, things, and animals this summer. Here is a small amount of the many things we saw.

We saw plenty of cousins and family. It's amazing how many cousins we have. We had an amazing time of which memories (and photos!) we will keep forever.

 We saw SO many beautiful sunsets this summer. All the places we went and stayed had different views of the sunset. Almost everytime we saw a new one a different color was in front of us. I think this one was one of the prettiest throughout them.

 Not just sunsets. I think we saw more flowers then anything. There were so many beautiful colors of flowers. Many, many different kinds as well.

 We can't forget the random photography that occurs here and there. Everything inspires a photographer!

And we got puppies. I have failed to inform you that we got 2, ADORABLE--I must say--puppies. They are full of joy and yawns. Seriously...Their yawns are very cute.

I haven't been taking many photos lately but hopefully I can get back on track.


-Rachel said...

Lovely, awesome photos! :)

Em said...

That is an awesome sunset!! love it :)

Julia said...

PUPPIES!!!! I just about fainted at the sight of their cuteness.

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