Monday, March 28, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday (and more!)

Yay! This is the very first time that I have actually completed all the photos. And then posted them here, for Scavenger Hunt Sunday!

1. Decay (old/abandoned)
 This is an old flower that I dried out. Even though it's dead, I really, REALLY love this flower.

2. Groups of Three
 Three dice, in three different colors.

3. Kitchen
Took this one from the archives. It's not really kitchen but it has a cup...Right?

4. Things that make you go "hmmmm..."
 Definitely languages.

5. "ME" Time
Reading a book in my favorite slippers. And maybe drinking an Izze. Yum.

Also, I wanted to squeeze one more link up into this post.

Mellow Yellow Monday
A yellow daffodil popping up at our neighbors house.



Ashley Sisk said...

Yay - you made it and I love them all. Great job!

Julia said...

Great interpretations of everything! Those last two photos have to be my favorites- so pretty!


Kimberly Gauthier said...

These are really good. I love each one and can't pick a favorite. I keep going back and forth. Bravo!

And I'm lovin' the title of your blog. Mine is similar.

Hannah said...

Gorgeous! I love the daffodil picture.

t@emmons-blessings said...

All are lovely... but love me some Dice {or is it Die, I never know!} They look totally vintage! L.O.V.E. em!

be blessed!


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