Sunday, August 8, 2010

IheartFaces Surprise Picture

Okay so it says you have to be 16 to enter in iheartfaces. But "my mom" is "entering" for me and she is 16 and older so I hope this is okay that this is my picture but she's "Entering" it.
Here's my picture for 'Surprise'

TO see more surprise pictures go to iheartfaces!



Claire said...

I like the second one! =)

elease said...

WOW! So glad you had your mom enter this because you nailed it with this photo. Great job!!

Jocelyn said...

very creative - love it!

Hannah said...

Haha, LOVE it, Iona!

Tricia said...

Great shot! The eyes tell the story! : )


borne . image . photography said...

Well, Iona, I'm glad your mom entered this for you! I hope she enters more of your pictures, too! You did a very good job on this one! :)

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