Saturday, July 24, 2010

I didn't BLINK Competition

I made up a competition called, I didn't BLINK.
What is the I didn't BLINK competition?
What you have to do is everyday you can give me a picture through comment. (It can be a link to a blog on which you posted the picture, or a link for a picture) You don't have to send me one everyday. Because there is no entering, you just send one whenever you want as long as you don't twice a day. I will judge for the picture of the day at the end of that day. Each picture of the day, INCLUDING FRIDAYS', will be judged Friday night and whoever's picture is the best of the week, will get an interview for this blog (more on that later) and a blog button.
When will it take place again?
It will take place once every month on random weeks.
What kind of pictures do I send in?
Any kind of pictures, the point is, it's some of your best photography, you didn't BLINK when it happened so you got a really good shot.
Can I edit my pictures?
You can edit your pictures all you want, as long as you don't change the subject of the picture completely.

Do you understand?

1. ONE picture sent by each sender a day
2. No copyrighting (Watermarks may help)
3. No copying ideas
4. Have TOTAL fun

Remember: you DON'T have to send a pic EVERY DAY. But you can. PLEASE advertise this, I at least want an entry a day. Put this button, (below)

on your sidebar with the link to this post if you are a part. If you don't have a blog that is OK!
Comment any questions and where I should answer them if you need.


Gabrielle said...

awesomeee (: great idea/title!!
I'm not sure when I can enter, I have a lot going on right now.

BrittanyAmelia said...

Hi Iona! There is a picture on my photography blog i want to enter. It is the one in the header.
my link is:
Love, Britts

Doodledog said...

AWESOME!!! Here's a link to the picture on my blog I would like to enter (it's in the post, not the header):

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